Progressing environmental sustainability through innovation

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We are keen to help your organisation fulfil its environmental obligations and improve its environmental performance. As such we can assist with:

Environmental aspect and impact registers

Life cycle assessments

Environmental compliance audits

Travel plans

Waste management plans and reduction projects

Sustainable procurement

Energy and water efficiency technologies

Carbon accounting and offset

Water Framework Directive compliance assessments

For public sector bodies we can assist with the preparation of:

Local air quality management review and assessment reports.

We have established a highly competent and cost-effective network of professionals who can assist with respect to:

• Visual impact assessments

• Landscape and ecological management plans

• Contaminated land assessments

• Habitat surveys

• Noise impact assessments and mitigation plans

• Flood risk and hydrology assessments, drainage strategies, and land drainage consents

• Environmental impact assessments

Personnel at Whortle Consulting have been responsible for ensuring all environmental obligations were met regarding one of the largest community hydropower schemes in Europe; and implementing the first public-private sector partnership regarding the collection of used cooking oil (UCO) in England.

Please also see our energy consultancy services offering.

Environmental Consultancy